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About Dr. Hannah Wells


Early in my life, I discovered a profound and deeply rooted empathy for animals and those who care for them. After  graduating from Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, I started my first practice incorporating a holistic approach.  


Wanting to provide the best possible care, I have committed to the life-long goal of integrating alternative modalities with the best of conventional medicine so I can provide the best of both worlds. Understanding  my patients on a holistic scale allows me to optimize health and balance. 

With over 28 years as a veterinarian and as a specialist in acupuncture, herbal and nutritional modalities, I have the experience and training to help guide you and your pet on their holistic path. 

I have created The Veterinary Wellness Center to provide you and your pets the “best of both worlds.” 


This is my greatest passion: helping pets and owners start their holistic journey to wellness.


- Dr. Hannah Wells 

Certifications & Education 

Specialty acupuncture - 2002

Herbal medicine - 2005

Continued education through the Chi institute, IVAS, and College of Integrative therapy

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