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That is our job. We will research specific supplements, providing you a synopsis of safety and efficacy.

Your clients are more inclined to share which supplements they are using if they know you have a specialist to critically review the supplements to ensure they are safe, effective and personalized for their pet.

There are so many choices labeled as “Holistic”, it can be very difficult to choose wisely and safely.

I started Natural Healing Veterinary Services to provide HOPE: Holistic Options for Pets Everywhere. I want to provide you and your clients with access to a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine wherever you are.

Natural Healing Veterinary Services allows veterinarians to refer to a holistic specialist anytime, anywhere with the confidence that we will support traditional modalities as we incorporate alternative therapies.

The general practitioner can confidently integrate alternative medicine modalities.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about supplements. Clients present a list of supplements asking for your opinion. As much as you want to help you may not have the time or knowledge to advise.

The process is simple:

  1. Advise clients you consult with a holistic specialist to review all supplements for safety and efficacy (NHVS provides a link to website if you choose)

  2. Natural Healing Veterinary Services upon receipt of referral will initiate client contact.

  3. Referring Veterinarian and client will receive a concise report outlining the safety and efficacy of each supplement submitted for review. NHVS will utilize natural medicine data bases, research of company, and knowledge of specific ingredients to support report. On occasion, there is minimal data available in which case the report will reflect that there is not enough data to support use of the product.

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